1、Company Profile:

  Jixi Duoli ecological breeding base is located in the beautiful scenery, the beautiful environment of Anhui Wannan Mountain (Jixi County, Anhui Province Linxi Town, the village), Shanghai is more than one of the Group, covering an area of more than 3,000 acres of projection area. Jixi Duoli is building tourism, hunting, green food as one of the new ecological agriculture model. Welcome customers all over the country to visit.

  The structure of the structure of the Jixi Doric ecological circle shows that the area is composed of the entrance service area, the hunting core protection zone and the south entrance road. The three districts are made up of the breeding area, the theme resort area and the hunting culture area.

2、Operating mode:

  We have three business models of performance and profitability:

  A.Self-employed hotels and the Group of enterprises and upstream and downstream customers, suppliers, long-term relationship between the cooperation

  B.High-end imports, boutique supermarkets, star hotel cooperation

  C.Online days cat flagship store, own PC side, mobile phone, micro-platform micro-Mall, as one of the integrated online and offline mode of operation。

3、How to ensure product quality control :

  1)Product quality control how to choose from the source of strict control, selection of southern Anhui mountains "Xanadu" to establish ecological base, away from the industrial pollution requirements of the base of the landscape can be directly consumed, the soil to eliminate industrial fertilizers, whole plant organic fertilizer farming。

  2)All the bases of the region of chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep, etc., the whole mountain backyard, in addition to the morning and evening every day to feed the mountains of cereals, all day up the mountain foraging, put an end to any manufacturers feed.

Completely natural growth, put an end to any hormonal interference。

  3)Each batch of chickens, pigs, cattle, sheep and other animal sub-regional farming, to ensure that the quality of each region and animal slaughter guarantee, strict control of farming density, to ensure that the natural ecological balance。

  4)The whole farming, sorting, slaughtering, packaging, transportation (self-cooling chain, retail mail with Shun Feng) process, are in line with national standards。

  5)We are advancing with the times, with higher standards to ask ourselves, is applying for EU certification and part of the business is applying for Halal International certification。

  ational service hotline:400-828-1771

  Address: Longtangdui River, Xionglu Village, Linxi Town, Jixi County, Xuancheng City, Anhui province


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