Tai Geng is located in Kunshan national economic and technological development zone, Jiangsu Province, 70km from west of Shanghai, and it is also about 100km away from the largest stainless steel distribution center in China,  Wuxi City, where 50% stainless steel in China market is consumed. The company is located between Shanghai-Nanjing express way, and is about one-hour journey away from Changshu Port and Taicang Port. Its floor area is 57,400㎡, with building area of 20,141.

  Production capability: BLACK COIL max 16t width 1.25m一2m, BLACK PLATE 5一80t  width 1一3.4m, length less than 12500mm.

  Yielding capacity: 100,000 ton/year

  Product introduction: BASE STS thick plate 304, Mo added STS thick plate 316, low-carbon STS thick plate 316L, heat resistant STS thick plate 310S, STS thick plate 321, high corrosion resistant and high-strength STS thick plate dual-phase steel.

  2000.12: South Korea Tai Geng was registered (exclusively foreign-owned enterprise)

  2015.12: stock rights changed into domestic enterprise

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