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Company Profile

   Company Profile


  The main business of Chuzhou Duoli Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. is the development, production and sales of automotive stamping and welding parts and related molds. It has market competitive advantages in the domestic passenger car and new energy vehicle supporting fields, and has strong R&D and production. Manufacturing capabilities and overall supporting program design capabilities.
  The company is a first-tier supplier of SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC GM, and has become a manufacturer of auto parts that integrates the development and manufacturing of molds, inspection tools, stamping of large, medium and small parts, and assembly welding. The company's current major customers include well-known vehicle manufacturers such as SAIC Volkswagen and SAIC General Motors, and well-known new energy vehicle manufacturers such as Weilai Automobile and Ideal Automobile.
  The company's main products are automotive stamping and welding parts, and stamping dies. The automotive stamping and welding parts produced by the company vary according to factors such as customers, models, uses, and process complexity. The company produces and sells more than 2,000 types of automotive stamping parts.

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