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 To promote interdisciplinary talents required by company development strategy, the company continuously improves the internal learning mechanism, the training center takes the improvement of staff professional quality as important direction of training work, strengthen the implementation of staff training effect through effective integration of internal training resource, combining role play, case discussion, action learning and other mixed training modes, and cultivate specialized talents!
Payment and encouragement
  The company applies broadband salary system oriented in performance and combining job value.
  Rich staff spare-time culture——
  Table tennis room and regular bus
  Complete welfare allowance system——
  Insurance: provide basic 5 social securities including endowment insurance and medical insurance
  Housing allowance: housing fund;
  Holiday: annual leave, marriage leave and other paid leave;
  Physical examination: regular physical examination of staff
  To fully mobilize staff’s initiative and creativity in achieving enterprise target, employee’s salary is linked to personal performance, and the employee with higher performance will get better pay and treatment.

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