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Message from the Chairman

   Message from the Chairman


  In the past two decades of innovation and development, Dolly adheres to the construction of a people-oriented corporate culture and extensively mobilizes employees to participate in democratic management. Dolly also cultivates a corporate culture full of market economy concepts and a spirit of unity and enterprising, as the foundation of sustainable development of the company, combining the company’s strategic planning, business management and employee behavioral norms, condensing high-quality, high-efficiency, excellence, and endless Corporate style. Here, on behalf of all employees of Dolly Technology, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your concern and support!
  Pioneering and enterprising, in the same boat, solidarity and hard work, efficient income generation, you and me win-win, Dolly starts from a height, and repeatedly presents this core value in products and services in inheritance and breakthroughs. From the most persistent product developer, the most perfect quality shaper, the most proactive customer service provider, to the most proactive social returner, Dolly is constantly seeking breakthroughs in new areas and moving from one success to another. Behind this perseverance is the hard work, earnestness, meticulousness, dedication, self-discipline, tolerance, integrity and unity of each employee. The steel will of Dolly's elite is the basis of Dolly's development and the soul of its survival.
  The passion and glory of more than ten years are becoming a string of the most moving memories, and today Dolly will also carry heavy responsibilities, with scientific concepts, broad vision, rational wisdom and innovative measures to write more brilliant History opens up Dolly's better dreams!
  In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, unity and enterprising, and customer service", actively innovate and develop new products, further increase the pace of expansion in the domestic market, and strive to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
  Friends, let us join hands and devote our wisdom and love to create a better future!

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