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  Dolly Technology, formerly Shanghai Dashi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a private joint-stock enterprise. After years of development, the Group has become tier-1 supplier for VW and GM and an auto parts manufacturer integrating development and manufacturing of moulds and check tools, large, medium and small parts stamping, welding and assembly. In 2013, the Group started to step into ecological agriculture, tourism, hunting, hotel and other industry chain clusters, Currently, it is centered in Shanghai Duoli Group and radiated to various provinces of China, and welcome your visit and discussion from all sectors of society.
  In addition to stable increasing of market share, it is required to focus on customer demand and surpassing customer demand, because user’s satisfaction is a necessary condition for enterprise survival, and Duoli staff must fully recognize that each customer contact is the opportunity of improving and deepening customer relationship in daily business. In a word, customer relationship management is based on details, and details will reflect real skills; however, better details require higher skills, take such better details to build the basic platform of enterprise development, make excessive demand of product quality and service quality, the company is favored by customers and creates good reputation within the industry.
  If we say that specialty makes Duoli win the trust of many customers in Chinese auto market, the sincere enterprise culture makes the Group attract strongest elite team. Currently, Duoli has more than 1000 employees, including nearly 130 employees having bachelor degree or above, with senior technician accounting for 3%, which lay solid foundation for the company development.
  During more than 20 years after business establishment, Duoli adheres to the enterprise culture construction of people oriented, and widely mobilizes staff to participate in democratic management. In addition, Duoli cultivates the enterprise culture rich in market economy idea, solidarity and progress spirit, which is taken as the foundation of enterprise sustainable development, combines the enterprise strategy planning, operation management and staff code of conduct, and extracts the enterprise style of high quality and efficiency, keeping improving and never stooping.
  Forge ahead, stay together and work closely, unite and strive, create profits efficiently, and strive for win-win result. Starting from high point, Duoli once again presents such core value in product and service during succession and breakthrough. Behind such insistence are the endeavor, carefulness, particularity, dedication, self-discipline, tolerance, integrity and unity of each employee. “Be responsible for the company and yourself”, Duoli elite’s steel will is the base point of Duoli development, and it is also the soul of survival.
  From most insistent product developer, perfect quality shaper, most active client server to most active society returner, Duoli always pursues breakthrough in new area, and steps into success again and again. Climb up, never get enough. More than 10 years of passion and glory will become most touching memory; currently, undertaking the heavy responsibilities, based on scientific concept, broad perspective, rational wisdom and innovative measures, Duoli will create more glorious history and build more beautiful dream!

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