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Message from the Chairman


Hello everybody!
  During more than 20 years of innovation development, Duoli adheres to the enterprise culture construction of people oriented, and widely mobilizes staff to participate in democratic management. In addition, Duoli cultivates the enterprise culture rich in market economy idea, solidarity and progress spirit, which is taken as the foundation of enterprise sustainable development, combines the enterprise strategy planning, operation management and staff code of conduct, and extracts the enterprise style of high quality and efficiency, keeping improving and never stooping. Hereby on behalf of Duoli Group staff, I'd like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks for your concern and support!
  Forge ahead, stay together and work closely, unite and strive, create profits efficiently, and strive for win-win result. Starting from high point, Duoli once again presents such core value in product and service during succession and breakthrough. From most insistent product developer, perfect quality shaper, most active client server to most active society returner, Duoli always pursues breakthrough in new area, and steps to success again and again. Behind such insistence are the endeavor, carefulness, particularity, dedication, self-discipline, tolerance, integrity and unity of each employee. Duoli elite’s steel will is the base point of Duoli development, and it is also the soul of survival.
  More than 10 years of passion and glory will become most touching memory; currently, undertaking the heavy responsibilities, based on scientific concept, broad perspective, rational wisdom and innovative measures, Duoli will create more glorious history and build more beautiful dream!
  In the future, we will continuously adhere to the operation concept of “people oriented, unite to forge ahead and serve clients”, actively innovate and develop new products, further speed-up the expanding step into domestic market, and strive for improving customer satisfaction.
  My friends, let’s join hands, devote our wisdom and love together, and create beautiful future together!

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